Friday, May 15, 2009

Continuing Education

We provide public education and continuing education courses which emphasise "Life Long Learning" (3L). We believe in ACTIVE AGEING and encourage the elderly to continue to upgrade themselves to stay relevant in this fast changing society.


Some of the topics discussed during our talks and seminars to the public, to organisations and to students are:
01. Health Issues
02. Home Safety
03. Living through the Autumn Years -how prepared are you
04. Inter-Generational Bonding
05. Role of Senior Citizens in the New Economy
06. Understanding & Communicating with the Elderly
07. Care for the Elderly
08. Employment and Employability
09. Emotional Issues faced by the Elderly
10. Autumn Love

The objectives of these seminars are:
. To raise awareness of ageing and ageism issues
. To ensure that every senior citizen is responsible for his/her well being be it physical, mental, spiritual or economic through life long planning
. To encourage the elderly to lead active lives through healthy lifestyles To maintain physical and mental well-being
. To encourage the elderly to lead meaningful, active and productive lives through self-improvement in life long learning and spiritual growth
. To encourage the elderly to remain economically active through entrepreneurship and employment
. To foster strong, extended, caring family relationships of interdependence that would complement independence
. To foster community bonding and social integration through volunteering and other community services.


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For enquiries on public education programmes, please contact us at:
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